Comparing Scripting Solutions and Custom Objects

An Integration Services Script task or Script component can implement much of the same functionality that is possible in a custom managed task or data flow component. Here are some considerations to help you choose the appropriate type of task for your needs:

  • If the configuration or functionality is specific to an individual package, you should use the Script task or the Script component instead of a developing a custom object.

  • If the functionality is generic, and might be used in the future for other packages and by other developers, you should create a custom object instead of using a scripting solution. You can use a custom object in any package, whereas a script can be used only in the package for which it was created.

  • If the code will be reused within the same package, you should consider creating a custom object. Copying code from one Script task or component to another leads to reduced maintainability by making it more difficult to maintain and update multiple copies of the code.

  • If the implementation will change over time, consider using a custom object. Custom objects can be developed and deployed separately from the parent package, whereas an update made to a scripting solution requires the redeployment of the whole package.

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