Lesson 3-3 - Testing the Lesson 3 Tutorial Package

In this task, you will run the Lesson 3.dtsx package. When the package runs, the Log Events window will list the log entries that are written to the log file. After the package finishes execution, you will then verify the contents of the log file that was generated by the log provider.

Checking the Package Layout

Before you test the package you should verify that the control and data flows in the Lesson 3 package contain the objects shown in the following diagrams. The control flow should be identical to the control flow in lesson 2. The data flow should be identical to the data flow in lessons 1 and 2.

Control Flow

Control flow in package

Data Flow

Data flow in package

To run the Lesson 4 tutorial package

  1. On the SSIS menu, click Log Events.

  2. On Debug menu, click Start Debugging.

  3. After the package has completed running, on the Debug menu, click Stop Debugging.

To examine the generated log file

  • Using Notepad or any other text editor, open the TutorialLog.log file.

  • Although the semantics of the information generated for the PipelineExecutionPlan and PipelineExecutionTrees events are beyond the scope of this tutorial, you can see that the first line lists the information fields specified in the Details tab of the Configure SSIS Logs dialog box. Moreover, you can verify that the two events that you selected, PipelineExecutionPlan and PipelineExecutionTrees, have been logged for each iteration of the Foreach Loop.

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