Change the account for Scale Out logging

APPLIES TO: yesSQL Server yesSSIS Integration Runtime in Azure Data Factory yesAzure Synapse Analytics (SQL DW)

When you run SSIS packages in Scale Out, the event messages are logged in the SSISDB database with an auto-created user account named ##MS_SSISLogDBWorkerAgentLogin##. The login for this user uses SQL Server authentication.

If you want to change the account used for Scale Out logging, do the following things:


If you use a Windows user account for logging, use the same account as the account that runs the Scale Out Worker service. Otherwise, the login to SQL Server fails.

1. Create a user for SSISDB

For instructions about how to create a database user, see Create a Database User.

2. Add the user to the database role ssis_cluster_worker

For instructions about how to join a database role, see Join a Role.

3. Update the logging information in SSISDB

Call the stored procedure [catalog].[update_logdb_info] with the SQL Server name and connection string as parameters, as shown in the following example:

SET @serverName = CONVERT(sysname, SERVERPROPERTY('servername'))
SET @connectionString = 'Data Source=' + @serverName + ';Initial Catalog=SSISDB;Integrated Security=SSPI;'
EXEC [internal].[update_logdb_info] @serverName, @connectionString

4. Restart the Scale Out Worker service

Restart the Scale Out Worker service to make the change effective.

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