Integration Services (SSIS) Scale Out

Integration Services Scale Out provides high performance package execution by distributing executions to multiple machines. You can submit a request for multiple package executions in SQL Server Management Studio. These packages will be executed in parallel, in a scale out mode.

SSIS Scale Out consists of a SSIS Scale Out Master and one or more SSIS Scale Out Workers. The Scale Out Master is responsible for Scale Out management and receives package execution requests from users. Scale Out Workers pull execution tasks from the Scale Out Master and do the package execution work. For more information, see Scale Out Master, Scale Out Worker.

Integration Services Scale Out can be configured on one machine, where a Scale Out Master and a Scale Out Worker are set up side-by-side on the machine. Scale Out can also run on multiple machines, where each Scale Out Worker is on a different machine.

Scale Out supports running multiple packages in the SSISDB catalog in parallel. For more details, see Run packages in Scale Out.