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Causes a running package to pause and create a dump file. The file is stored in the <drive>:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\130\Shared\ErrorDumps folder.


catalog.create_execution_dump [ @execution_id = ] execution_id  


[ @execution_id = ] execution_id
The execution ID for the running package. The execution_id is bigint.


In the following example, the running package with an execution ID of 88 is prompted to create a dump file.

EXEC create_execution_dump @execution_id = 88  

Return Codes

0 (success)

When the stored procedure fails, it throws an error.

Result Set



This stored procedure requires users to be members of the ssis_admin database role.

Errors and Warnings

The following list describes conditions that cause the stored procedure to fail.

  • An invalid execution ID is specified.

  • The package has already completed.

  • The package is currently creating a dump file.

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