Automatically Generate Code Attribute Values (Master Data Services)

In Master Data Services, automatically generate values for an entity’s Code attribute when you want an integer to be automatically assigned to the Code value each time a new member is created.


To perform this procedure:

To automatically generate Code values

  1. In Master Data Manager, click System Administration.

  2. On the Manage Model page, select the row for the model that contains the entity that you want to edit and then click Entities.

  3. On the Manage Entity page, select the row for the entity that you want to generate codes for and then click Edit.

  4. Select the Create Code values automatically check box.

  5. In the Start with box, type a number to begin incrementing. If members already exist, the Code will be set based on the highest existing value. For example, if the highest existing Code value is 299, the next member’s Code value will be set to 300.

  6. Click Save.

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