Leaf Permissions (Master Data Services)

APPLIES TO: yesSQL Server (Windows only) noAzure SQL Database noAzure SQL Data Warehouse noParallel Data Warehouse

Leaf permissions apply to the attribute values for all leaf members of an entity.

For entities without explicit hierarchies enabled, assigning permission to Leaf is the same as assigning permission to the entity.


  • Leaf permissions apply to the Explorer functional area of the user interface only.

  • Permissions assigned to Name and Code attributes are not enforced.

Permission Description
Read User can read leaf members, attributes.
Create User can create leaf members, and assign attribute values during create.
Update User can update leaf members and attributes.
Delete User can delete leaf members.
Deny Deny all access to the leaf members.

The Read, Create, Update, and Delete permissions can be combined. When Create, Update and Delete are assigned, the read permission is assigned automatically.

Attribute Permissions

Attribute permissions apply to the attribute's values for the specific entity. Users with attribute permissions only cannot add or remove members.

Permission Description
Read User can read attributes.
Create User can assign values when they create members.
Update User can update attributes.
Delete No effect.
Deny The attribute is not displayed.

Note: You cannot explicitly deny access to Name and Code attributes.


For the Product entity, assign Update permission to Subcategory attribute. Deny permission to all other attributes.

Name Code Subcategory (Update)
Mountain-100 BK-M101 {5} Mountain Bikes
Mountain-100 BK-M201 {5} Mountain Bikes

In Explorer, you can update any attribute value in the Subcategory column. If you do not have permission to an attribute, the attribute is not displayed.


In this example, Subcategory is a domain-based attribute, based on the SubcategoryList entity. You can select a different subcategory for Mountain-100 but you cannot add members to or delete members from the SubcategoryList entity.

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