Reactivate a Member or Collection (Master Data Services)

In Master Data Services, you can reactivate a member that was either:

  • Deactivated by the staging process.

  • Deleted in the MDS Add-in for Excel.

  • Deleted in the Master Data Manager web application.

When you reactivate a member, its attributes and its membership in hierarchies and collections are restored.

You can also reactivate collections. When you do, the collection's attributes and the members that belong to the collection are restored.

When either a collection or member is reactivated, all previous transactions are restored.


To perform this procedure:

  • In Master Data Manager, you must have permission to the Version Management functional area.

  • You must be a model administrator. For more information, see Administrators (Master Data Services).

To reactivate a member or collection

  1. On the Master Data Manager home page, click Version Management.

  2. On the menu bar, click Transactions.

  3. On the Transactions page, from the Model list, select a model.

  4. From the Version list, select a version.

  5. In the Transactions pane, click the row for the member or collection you want to reactivate. This row should have Active displayed in the Prior Value column and De-Activated in the New Value column.

  6. Click Reverse Transaction.

  7. On the confirmation dialog box, click OK. A new transaction is added, showing Active in the New Value column.

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