DrilldownLevelTop (MDX)

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Drills down the topmost members of a set, at a specified level, to one level below.


DrilldownLevelTop(<Set_Expression>, <Count> [,[<Level_Expression>] [,[<Numeric_Expression>][,INCLUDE_CALC_MEMBERS]]])  


A valid Multidimensional Expressions (MDX) expression that returns a set.

A valid numeric expression that specifies the number of tuples to be returned.

A valid Multidimensional Expressions (MDX) expression that returns a level.

A valid numeric expression that is typically a Multidimensional Expressions (MDX) expression of cell coordinates that return a number.

A keyword for adding calculated members to drilldown results.


If a numeric expression is specified, the DrilldownLevelTop function sorts, in descending order, the children of each member in the specified set according to the value of the numeric expression, as evaluated over the set of child members. If a numeric expression is not specified, the function sorts, in descending order, the children of each member in the specified set according to the values of the cells represented by the set of child members, as determined by the query context.

After sorting, the DrilldownLevelTop function returns a set that contains the parent members and the number of child members, specified in Count, with the highest value.

The DrilldownLevelTop function is similar to the DrilldownLevel function, but instead of including all children for each member at the specified level, the DrilldownLevelTop function returns the topmost number of child members.

Querying the XMLA property MdpropMdxDrillFunctions enables you to verify the level of support that the server provides for the drilling functions; see Supported XMLA Properties (XMLA) for details.


The following example returns the top three children of the Product Category level, based on the default measure. In the Adventure Works sample cube, the top three children for Accessories are Bike Racks, Bike Stands, and Bottles and Cages. In Management Studio, in the MDX query window, you can navigate to Products | Product Categories | Members | All Products | Accessories to view the complete list. You can increase the Count argument to return more members.

SELECT DrilldownLevelTop   
   ([Product].[Product Categories].children,  
   [Product].[Product Categories].[Category])  
   ON 0  
   FROM [Adventure Works]  

The next example illustrates using the include_calc_members flag, used to include calculated members in the drill down level. The measure [Reseller Order Count] is included in the DrilldownLevelTop statement to ensure that the return values are sorted by that measure.

[Product].[Product Categories].[Category].&[3].[Premium Clothes] AS  
[Product].[Product Categories].[Subcategory].&[18] +  
[Product].[Product Categories].[Subcategory].&[21]  
SELECT [Measures].[Reseller Order Count] ON 0,  
  [Product].[Product Categories].children ,  
  [Product].[Product Categories].[Category] ,  
  [Measures].[Reseller Order Count],  
FROM [Adventure Works]  

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