MDX Data Definition Statements (MDX)

In Multidimensional Expressions (MDX), data definition statements create, drop, and manipulate multidimensional objects. The following table lists the available data definition statements.

In This Section

Topic Description
ALTER CUBE Statement (MDX) Alters the structure of a specified cube.
CREATE ACTION Statement (MDX) Creates an action that can be associated with a cube, dimension, hierarchy, or subordinate object.
CREATE CELL CALCULATION Statement (MDX) Creates a calculation that evaluates an MDX expression over a specified set of tuples within a cube.
CREATE GLOBAL CUBE Statement (MDX) Creates and populates a locally persisted cube, based on a subcube from a cube on the server. A connection to the server is not required to connect to the locally persisted cube.
CREATE MEMBER Statement (MDX) Creates a calculated member.
CREATE SESSION CUBE Statement (MDX) Creates and populates a cube available to all queries in the same the session, based on cubes on the server.
CREATE SET Statement (MDX) Creates a named set for a specified cube.
CREATE SUBCUBE Statement (MDX) Redefines the cube space of a specified cube or subcube to a specified subcube.
DROP ACTION Statement (MDX) Deletes a specified action from a specified cube.
DROP CELL CALCULATION Statement (MDX) Removes the specified cell calculation.
DROP MEMBER Statement (MDX) Removes a calculated member.
DROP SET Statement (MDX) Removes a named set.
DROP SUBCUBE Statement (MDX) Drops a specified subcube, reverting to the previously defined cube or subcube definition with the specified name.
REFRESH CUBE Statement (MDX) Refreshes the client cache for a cube.

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