Data Type Limitations

The Microsoft ODBC Desktop Database Drivers impose the following limitations on data types:

Data type Description
All data types Type conversion failures might result in the affected column being set to NULL.
BINARY Creating a zero-length BINARY column actually returns a 255-byte BINARY column.
DATE The DATE data type cannot be converted to another data type (or itself) by the CONVERT function.
DECIMAL (Exact Numeric) Not supported.
Floating-Point Data Types The number of decimal places in a floating-point number may be limited by the number format set in the International section of the Windows Control Panel.
NUMERIC Supports maximum precision and a scale of 28.
TIMESTAMP The TIMESTAMP data type cannot be converted to itself by the CONVERT function.
TINYINT TINYINT values are always unsigned.
Zero-Length Strings When a dBASE, Microsoft Excel, Paradox, or Textdriver is used, inserting a zero-length string into a column actually inserts a NULL instead.