SQLSetScrollOptions (Visual FoxPro ODBC Driver)


This topic contains Visual FoxPro ODBC Driver-specific information. For general information about this function, see the appropriate topic under ODBC API Reference.

Support: Partial

ODBC API Conformance: Level 2

Sets options that control the behavior of cursors associated with a statement handle, hstmt.

The Visual FoxPro ODBC Driver supports only SQL_CONCUR_READ_ONLY; it does not support the fConcurrency value SQL_CONCUR_ROWVER. The driver converts SQL_KEYSET_SIZE, SQL_CURSOR_DYNAMIC, and SQL_CURSOR_KEYSET_DRIVEN to SQL_SCROLL_STATIC with warning ODBC_01S02.

For more information, see SQLSetScrollOptions in the ODBC Programmer's Reference.