SQLBindParam Mapping

SQLBindParam cannot truly be called deprecated because it was never there in ODBC; however, it still represents duplicated functionality — the Driver Manager needs to export it because ISO and Open Group–compliant applications will be using it. Because SQLBindParameter contains all the functionality of SQLBindParam, SQLBindParam will be mapped on top of SQLBindParameter (when the underlying driver is an ODBC 3.x driver). An ODBC 3.x driver does not need to implement SQLBindParam.


When the following call to SQLBindParam is made:

SQLBindParam(   StatementHandle,    ParameterNumber,    ValueType,    ParameterType,    ColumnSize,    DecimalDigits,    ParameterValuePtr,    StrLen_or_IndPtr)  

the Driver Manager calls SQLBindParameter in the driver as follows:

SQLBindParameter(   StatementHandle,    ParameterNumber,    SQL_PARAM_INPUT,    ValueType,    ParameterType,    ColumnSize,    DecimalDigits,    ParameterValuePtr,    BufferLength,    StrLen_or_IndPtr)  

See ODBC 64-Bit Information, if your application will run on a 64-bit operating system.

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