SQLSetParam Mapping

SQLSetParam continues to be mapped on top of SQLBindParameter as in ODBC 2.x. Even though it is conceptually similar to SQLBindParam, the Driver Manager does not map SQLSetParam to SQLBindParam. This is because certain existing ODBC 2.x drivers use the special value of BufferLength (SQL_SETPARAM_VALUE_MAX) that the Driver Manager generates when it maps SQLSetParam on top of SQLBindParameter to determine when it is called by a 1.x ODBC application.

A call to

SQLSetParam(hstmt, ipar, fCType, fSqlType, cbColDef, ibScale, rgbValue, pcbValue)  

will result in the following:

SQLBindParameter(StatementHandle, ParameterNumber, SQL_PARAM_INPUT_OUTPUT, ValueType, ParameterType, ColumnSize, DecimalDigits, ParameterValuePtr, SQL_SETPARAM_VALUE_MAX, StrLen_or_IndPtr)