Checking Feature Support and Variability

To check feature support and variability, applications generally call SQLGetInfo, SQLGetFunctions, and SQLGetTypeInfo. A good starting place is the driver's API and SQL grammar conformance levels. These describe broad levels of feature support. The application can then call SQLGetInfo with other options to determine the support or variability of features it needs, SQLGetFunctions to determine whether functions it needs beyond the returned conformance level are supported, and SQLGetTypeInfo to determine what SQL data types are supported.

An application can determine whether a statement or connection attribute is supported by calling SQLSetStmtAttr or SQLSetConnectAttr with that attribute. If the function returns SQL_SUCCESS or SQL_SUCCESS_WITH_INFO, the attribute is supported; if it returns SQL_ERROR and SQLSTATE HYC00 (Optional feature not implemented), the attribute is not supported.

Applications can also determine a limited amount of information before connecting to the driver by calling SQLDrivers.