Function Conformance

The following table indicates the conformance level of each ODBC function, where this is well defined.

Function Conformance level
SQLAllocHandle Core
SQLBindCol Core
SQLBindParameter Core[1]
SQLBrowseConnect Level 1
SQLBulkOperations Level 1
SQLCancel Core[1]
SQLCloseCursor Core
SQLColAttribute Core[1]
SQLColumnPrivileges Level 2
SQLColumns Core
SQLConnect Core
SQLCopyDesc Core
SQLDataSources Core
SQLDescribeCol Core[1]
SQLDescribeParam Level 2
SQLDisconnect Core
SQLDriverConnect Core
SQLDrivers Core
SQLEndTran Core[1]
SQLExecDirect Core
SQLExecute Core
SQLFetch Core
SQLFetchScroll Core[1]
SQLForeignKeys Level 2
SQLFreeHandle Core
SQLFreeStmt Core
SQLGetConnectAttr Core
SQLGetCursorName Core
SQLGetData Core
SQLGetDescField Core
SQLGetDescRec Core
SQLGetDiagField Core
SQLGetDiagRec Core
SQLGetEnvAttr Core
SQLGetFunctions Core
SQLGetInfo Core
SQLGetStmtAttr Core
SQLGetTypeInfo Core
SQLMoreResults Level 1
SQLNativeSql Core
SQLNumParams Core
SQLNumResultCols Core
SQLParamData Core
SQLPrepare Core
SQLPrimaryKeys Level 1
SQLProcedureColumns Level 1
SQLProcedures Level 1
SQLPutData Core
SQLRowCount Core
SQLSetConnectAttr Core[2]
SQLSetCursorName Core
SQLSetDescField Core[1]
SQLSetDescRec Core
SQLSetEnvAttr Core[2]
SQLSetPos Level 1[1]
SQLSetStmtAttr Core[2]
SQLSpecialColumns Core[1]
SQLStatistics Core
SQLTablePrivileges Level 2
SQLTables Core

[1] Significant features of this function are available only at higher conformance levels.

[2] Setting certain attributes to nondefault values depends on the conformance level. For more information, see the next section, Attribute Conformance.