SQLGetInstalledDrivers Function

Version Introduced: ODBC 1.0

SQLGetInstalledDrivers reads the [ODBC Drivers] section of the system information and returns a list of descriptions of the installed drivers.


BOOL SQLGetInstalledDrivers(  
     LPSTR   lpszBuf,  
     WORD    cbBufMax,  
     WORD *  pcbBufOut);  


[Output] List of descriptions of the installed drivers. For information about the list structure, see "Comments."

[Input] Length of lpszBuf.

[Output] Total number of bytes (excluding the null-termination byte) returned in lpszBuf. If the number of bytes available to return is greater than or equal to cbBufMax, the list of driver descriptions in lpszBuf is truncated to cbBufMax minus the null-termination character. The pcbBufOut argument can be a null pointer.


The function returns TRUE if it is successful, FALSE if it fails.


When SQLGetInstalledDrivers returns FALSE, an associated *pfErrorCode value can be obtained by calling SQLInstallerError. The following table lists the *pfErrorCode values that can be returned by SQLInstallerError and explains each one in the context of this function.

*pfErrorCode Error Description
ODBC_ERROR_GENERAL_ERR General installer error An error occurred for which there was no specific installer error.
ODBC_ERROR_INVALID_BUFF_LEN Invalid buffer length The lpszBuf argument was NULL or invalid, or the cbBufMax argument was less than or equal to 0.
ODBC_ERROR_COMPONENT_NOT_FOUND Component not found in registry The installer could not find the [ODBC Drivers] section in the registry.
ODBC_ERROR_OUT_OF_MEM Out of memory The installer could not perform the function because of a lack of memory.


Each driver description is terminated with a null byte, and the entire list is terminated with a null byte. (That is, two null bytes mark the end of the list.) If the allocated buffer is not large enough to hold the entire list, the list is truncated without error. An error is returned if a null pointer is passed in as lpszBuf.

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