Database Features

This section contains the features and tasks associated with databases, database objects, data types, and the mechanisms used to work with or manage data.

In This Section

Databases Back Up and Restore of SQL Server Databases
Tables Sequence Numbers Bulk Import and Export of Data (SQL Server)
In-Memory OLTP (In-Memory Optimization) DDL Triggers Data Compression
Indexes DML Triggers OLE Automation Objects in Transact-SQL
Partitioned Tables and Indexes Synonyms (Database Engine) Event Notifications
Views XML Data (SQL Server) Monitor and Tune for Performance
Stored Procedures (Database Engine) Spatial Data (SQL Server)
Search (SQL Server) Binary Large Object (Blob) Data (SQL Server)
User-Defined Functions Data-tier Applications
Statistics The Transaction Log (SQL Server)
Plan Guides Database Checkpoints (SQL Server)