OLE DB Table-Valued Parameter Type Support

This topic describes OLE DB type support for table-value parameters.

Table-Valued Parameter Rowset Object

You can create a specialized rowset object for table-valued parameters. You create the table-valued parameter rowset object by using ITableDefinitionWithConstraints::CreateTableWithConstraints or IOpenRowset::OpenRowset. To do this, set the eKind member of the pTableID parameter to DBKIND_GUID_NAME, and provide the CLSID_ROWSET_INMEMORY as the guid member. The server type name for the table-valued parameter must be specified in the pwszName member of pTableID when using IOpenRowset::OpenRowset. The table-valued parameter rowset object behaves like a regular SQL Server Native Client OLE DB Provider object.

{0xc7ef28d5, 0x7bee, 0x443f, {0x86, 0xda, 0xe3, 0x98, 0x4f, 0xcd, 0x4d, 0xf9}};  

CoType RowsetTVP  
[mandatory] interface IAccessor;  
[mandatory] interface IColumnsInfo;  
[mandatory] interface IConvertType;  
[mandatory] interface IRowset;  
[mandatory] interface IRowsetInfo;  
[optional]  interface IColumnsRowset;  
[optional]  interface IRowsetChange;  
[optional]  interface ISupportErrorInfo;  


A new type, DBTYPE_TABLE, represents a table type. This type specifies table-valued parameters in various OLE DB interfaces where a DBTYPE is required.

#define DBTYPE_TABLE (143)  

DBTYPE_TABLE has the same format as DBTYPE_IUNKNOWN. It is a pointer to an object in the data buffer. For complete specification in the bindings, the consumer fills up the DBOBJECT buffer, with iid set to one of the rowset object interfaces (IID_IRowset). If no DBOBJECT is specified in the bindings, IID_IRowset will be assumed.

Conversions to and from DBTYPE_TABLE for any other types are not supported. IConvertType::CanConvert will return S_FALSE for unsupported conversion for any request other than DBTYPE_TABLE to DBTYPE_TABLE conversion. This assumes DBCONVERTFLAGS_PARAMETER on the Command object.


For information about OLE DB methods that support table-valued parameters, see OLE DB Table-Valued Parameter Type Support (Methods).


For infornation about about OLE DB properties that support table-valued parameters, see OLE DB Table-Valued Parameter Type Support (Properties).

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