SQL Server, Columnstore Object

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The SQLServer:Columnstore object provides counters to monitor columnstore index execution in Microsoft SQL Server.

The following table describes the SQL Server Columnstore counters.

Columnstore counters Description
Delta Rowgroups Closed Number of delta rowgroups closed.
Delta Rowgroups Compressed Number of delta rowgroups compressed.
Delta Rowgroups Created Number of delta rowgroups created.
Segment Cache Hit Raio Percentage of column segments that were found in the columnstore pool without having to incur a read from disk.
Segment Cache Hit Ratio Base For internal use only.
Segment Reads/Sec Number of physical segment reads issued.
Total Delete Buffers Migrated Number of times tuple mover has cleaned up the delete buffer.
Total Merge Policy Evaluations Number of times the merge policy for columnstore was evaluated.
Total Rowgroups Compressed Total number of rowgroups compressed.
Total Rowgroups Fit For Merge Number of source rowgroups fit for MERGE since the start of SQL Server.
Total Rowgroups Merge Compressed Number of compressed target rowgroups created with MERGE since the start of SQL Server.
Total Source Rowgroups Merged Number of source rowgroups merged since the start of SQL Server.

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