Results Detailed View Dialog Box

This dialog box shows the results of policy evaluation after you have run a policy by using the Evaluate Policies dialog box and clicked Evaluate. This dialog box is read-only, and helps you understand which part of a property expression might be failing.


When more than one property expression is present, indicates whether the property expressions are cumulative or alternative.

Icon that represents the success or failure of the property expression.

The property of the facet that is being modeled.

The operator for the expression, for example = or Like.

Expected Value
The value for the field that will cause the property expression to be successful.

Actual Value
The value for the field that was detected by the policy.

Policy description
The description of the policy.

Additional help
Click the hyperlink to open a Web page that is related to this policy. The Additional Help hyperlink is configured when the policy is created and might be blank or unavailable.

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