Connect to Server (Oracle), Login

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Use the Login tab of the Connect to Server dialog box to specify the account under which connections are made from the Microsoft SQL Server Distributor to the Oracle Publisher. You must use the same account as the one specified for the replication administrative user schema during configuration of the Publisher. For more information, see Configure an Oracle Publisher.


Server instance
The Transparent Network Substrate (TNS) name of the Oracle Publisher, which is specified during configuration of the Oracle client software installed on the Distributor.

Select Oracle Standard Authentication (recommended) or Windows Authentication. If you select Windows Authentication:

  • The Oracle server must be configured to allow connections using Windows credentials. For more information, see the Oracle documentation.

  • You must be currently logged in with the same Microsoft Windows account you specified for the replication administrative user schema.

    Login and Password
    If you selected Oracle Standard Authentication for the Authentication option, specify the login and password to use, which must be the same as those specified for the replication administrative user schema.

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