Transact-SQL Debugger - Command Window

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Use the CommandWindow to run commands, such as debug and edit commands, against the code in the SQL Server Database Engine Query Editor window that is currently being debugged. You must be in debug mode to use the Command Window. The Transact-SQL debugger supports many of the commands that are also supported in the Microsoft Visual Studio Command window. For more information, see Visual Studio Command Window.

Task List

To access the Command Window

  • On the Debug menu, click Start Debugging.

    To print the value of a variable

  • In the CommandWindow, type Debug.Print <VariableName>, and then press ENTER.

    To list information about the current thread

  • In the CommandWindow, type Debug.ListThread, and then press ENTER.

    To add a variable to the QuickWatch window

  • In the CommandWindow, type Debug.QuickWatch <VariableName>, and then press ENTER.

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