sys.pdw_database_mappings (Transact-SQL)

Applies to: yesAnalytics Platform System (PDW)

Maps the database_ids of databases to the physical name used on Compute nodes, and provides the principal id of the database owner on the system. Join sys.pdw_database_mappings to sys.databases and sys.pdw_nodes_pdw_physical_databases.

Column Name Data Type Description Range
physical_name nvarchar(36) The physical name for the database on the Compute nodes.

physical_name and database_id form the key for this view.
database_id int The object ID for the database. See sys.databases (Transact-SQL).

physical_name and database_id form the key for this view.

Examples: Analytics Platform System (PDW)

The following example joins sys.pdw_database_mappings to other system tables to show how databases are mapped.

SELECT DB.database_id,, Map.*, Phys.*   
FROM sys.databases AS DB  
JOIN sys.pdw_database_mappings AS Map  
    ON DB.database_id = Map.database_id  
JOIN sys.pdw_nodes_pdw_physical_databases AS Phys  
    ON Map.physical_name = Phys.physical_name  
ORDER BY DB.database_id, Phys.pdw_node_id;  

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