sys.pdw_loader_backup_run_details (Transact-SQL)

APPLIES TO: noSQL Server noAzure SQL Database yesAzure Synapse Analytics (SQL DW) yesParallel Data Warehouse

Contains further detailed information, beyond the information in sys.pdw_loader_backup_runs (Transact-SQL), about ongoing and completed backup and restore operations in SQL Data Warehouse and about ongoing and completed backup, restore, and load operations in Parallel Data Warehouse. The information persists across system restarts.

Column Name Data Type Description Range
run_id int Unique identifier for a specific backup or restore run.

run_id and pdw_node_id form the key for this view.
pdw_node_id int Unique identifier of an appliance node for which this record holds details.

run_id and pdw_node_id form the key for this view.
See node_id in sys.dm_pdw_nodes (Transact-SQL).
status nvarchar(16) The current status of the run. 'CANCELLED', 'COMPLETED', 'FAILED', 'QUEUED', 'RUNNING'
start_time datetime Time at which the operation started on this particular node.
end_time datetime Time at which the operation ended on this particular node, if any.
total_elapsed_time int Total time the operation has been running on this particular node. If total_elapsed_time exceeds the maximum value for an integer (24.8 days in milliseconds), it will cause materialization failure due to overflow.

The maximum value in milliseconds is equivalent to 24.8 days.
progress int Progress of the operation expressed as a percentage. 0 to 100

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