sys.resource_usage (Azure SQL Database)

APPLIES TO: noSQL Server yesAzure SQL Database noAzure Synapse Analytics (SQL DW) noParallel Data Warehouse


This feature is in a preview state. Do not take a dependency on the specific implementation of this feature because the feature might be changed or removed in a future release.

While in a preview state, the Azure SQL Database operations team might turn data collection off and on for this DMV:

  • When turned on, the DMV returns current data as it is aggregated.
  • When turned off, the DMV returns historical data, which might be stale.

Provides hourly summary of resource usage data for user databases in the current server. Historical data is retained for 90 days.

For each user database, there is one row for every hour in continuous fashion. Even if the database was idle during that hour, there is one row, and the usage_in_seconds value for that database will be 0. Storage usage and SKU information is rolled up for the hour appropriately.

Columns Data Type Description
time datetime Time (UTC) in hour increments.
database_name nvarchar Name of user database.
sku nvarchar Name of the SKU. The following are the possible values:





usage_in_seconds int Sum of CPU time used in the hour.

Note: This column is deprecated for V11 and does not apply to V12. Value is always set to 0.
storage_in_megabytes decimal Maximum storage size for the hour, including database data, indexes, stored procedures and metadata.


This view is available to all user roles with permissions to connect to the virtual master database.