sys.dm_pdw_hadoop_operations (Transact-SQL)

Applies to: yesAzure Synapse Analytics yesParallel Data Warehouse

Contains a row for each map-reduce job that is pushed down to Hadoop as part of running a Azure Synapse Analytics query on an external Hadoop table. Each map-reduce job represents one of the predicates in the query. This is only used when predicate pushdown is enabled for queries on Hadoop external tables.


This syntax is not supported by serverless SQL pool in Azure Synapse Analytics.

Column Name Data Type Description Range
request_id nvarchar(32) ID for this external Hadoop operation. Same as ID in sys.dm_pdw_exec_requests (Transact-SQL).
step_index int Index of the query step that refers to this Hadoop operation. Same as step_index in sys.dm_pdw_request_steps (Transact-SQL).
operation_type nvarchar(255) Describes the type of external operation. 'External Hadoop Operation'
operation_name nvarchar(4000) The job ID for a map-reduce job. This is returned by Hadoop after Azure Synapse Analytics submits the job.
map_progress float The percentage of input data that has been consumed so far by the map job. A floating point number between, and including, 0 and 100.
reduce_progress int The percentage of the reduce job that has completed.. A floating point number between, and including, 0 and 100.

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