sys.dm_pdw_lock_waits (Transact-SQL)

APPLIES TO: NoSQL Server NoAzure SQL Database YesAzure Synapse Analytics (SQL DW) YesParallel Data Warehouse

Holds information about the requests that are waiting for locks.

Column Name Data Type Description Range
wait_id bigint Position of the request in the waiting list. 0-based ordinal. This is not unique across all wait entries.
session_id nvarchar(32) ID of the session in which the wait state occurred. See session_id in sys.dm_pdw_exec_sessions (Transact-SQL).
type nvarchar(255) Type of wait this entry represents. Possible values:




object_type nvarchar(255) Type of object that is affected by the wait. Possible values:





object_name nvarchar(386) Name or GUID of the specified object that was affected by the wait. Tables and views are displayed with three-part names.

Indexes and statistics are displayed with four-part names.

Names, principals, and databases are string names.
request_id nvarchar(32) ID of the request on which the wait state occurred. ID of the request.

This is a GUID for load requests.
request_time datetime Time at which the lock or resource was requested.
acquire_time datetime Time at which the lock or resource was acquired.
state nvarchar(50) State of the wait state. Information not available.
priority int Priority of the waiting item. Information not available.

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