sys.dm_pdw_nodes_exec_query_profiles (Transact-SQL)

Applies to: yesAzure Synapse Analytics

Monitors real time data warehouse query progress while the query is in execution.


This syntax is not supported by serverless SQL pool in Azure Synapse Analytics.

Table returned

The counters returned are per operator per thread. The results are dynamic and do not match the results of existing options such as SET STATISTICS XML ON which only create output when the query is finished.

Column name Data type Description
pdw_node_id int Unique numeric ID associated with the node.
session_id smallint Identifies the session in which this query runs. References dm_exec_sessions.session_id.
request_id int Identifies the target request. References dm_exec_sessions.request_id.
sql_handle varbinary(64) Is a token that uniquely identifies the batch or stored procedure that the query is part of. References dm_exec_query_stats.sql_handle.
plan_handle varbinary(64) Is a token that uniquely identifies a query execution plan for a batch that has executed and its plan resides in the plan cache, or is currently executing. References dm_exec_query_stats.plan_handle.
physical_operator_name nvarchar(256) Physical operator name.
node_id int Identifies an operator node in the query tree.
thread_id int Distinguishes the threads (for a parallel query) belonging to the same query operator node.
task_address varbinary(8) Identifies the SQLOS task that this thread is using. References dm_os_tasks.task_address.
row_count bigint Number of rows returned by the operator so far.
rewind_count bigint Number of rewinds so far.
rebind_count bigint Number of rebinds so far.
end_of_scan_count bigint Number of end of scans so far.
estimate_row_count bigint Estimated number of rows. It can be useful to compare to estimated_row_count to the actual row_count.
first_active_time bigint The time, in milliseconds, when the operator was first called.
last_active_time bigint The time, in milliseconds, when the operator was last called.
open_time bigint Timestamp when open (in milliseconds).
first_row_time bigint Timestamp when first row was opened (in milliseconds).
last_row_time bigint Timestamp when last row was opened(in milliseconds).
close_time bigint Timestamp when close (in milliseconds).
elapsed_time_ms bigint Total elapsed time (in milliseconds) used by the target node's operations so far.
cpu_time_ms bigint Total CPU time (in milliseconds) use by target node's operations so far.
database_id smallint ID of the database that contains the object on which the reads and writes are being performed.
object_id int The identifier for the object on which the reads and writes are being performed. References sys.objects.object_id.
index_id int The index (if any) the rowset is opened against.
scan_count bigint Number of table/index scans so far.
logical_read_count bigint Number of logical reads so far.
physical_read_count bigint Number of physical reads so far.
read_ahead_count bigint Number of read-aheads so far.
write_page_count bigint Number of page-writes so far due to spilling.
lob_logical_read_count bigint Number of LOB logical reads so far.
lob_physical_read_count bigint Number of LOB physical reads so far.
lob_read_ahead_count bigint Number of LOB read-aheads so far.
segment_read_count int Number of segment read-aheads so far.
segment_skip_count int Number of segments skipped so far.
actual_read_row_count bigint Number of rows read by an operator before the residual predicate was applied.
estimated_read_row_count bigint Applies to: Beginning with SQL Server 2016 (13.x) SP1.
Number of rows estimated to be read by an operator before the residual predicate was applied.


The same remarks in sys.dm_exec_query_profiles apply.


Requires VIEW SERVER STATE permission on the server.

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