sys.dm_workload_management_workload_groups_stats (Transact-SQL)

APPLIES TO: NoSQL Server NoAzure SQL Database YesAzure Synapse Analytics (SQL DW) NoParallel Data Warehouse

Returns workload group statistics and the effective values of the workload group in SQL Data Warehouse.

Column Name Data Type Description Range
group_id int Unique ID of the workload group.
name sysname Name of the workload group.
statistics_start_time datetime Time that statistics collection began for the workload group. The value is either when the workload group was created or when instance is paused or scaled.
total_request_count bigint Cumulative count of completed requests in the workload group.
total_shared_resource_reqeusts bigint Cumulative count of completed requests in the workload group that used resources from the shared pool.
total_queued_request_count bigint Cumulative count of requests queued after the max_concurrency limit was reached.
total_request_execution_timeouts bigint Cumulative count of requests in the workload group that timed out before completion based on the query_execution_timeout_sec setting.
effective_min_percentage_resource tinyint The effective min_percentage_resource setting allowed considering the service level and the workload group settings. The effective min_percentage_resource can be adjusted higher on lower service levels. For example, on DW100c, the lowest min_percentage_resource allowable is 25%. The min_percentage_resource is adjusted to 0% if the value cannot be granted at the service level. For example, min_percentage_resource set to 10% at DW6000c, would have an effective_min_percentage_resource of 0% when scaled down to DW100c.
effective_cap_percentage_resource tinyint The effective cap_percentage_resource for the workload group. If there are other workload groups with min_percentage_resource > 0, the effective_cap_percentage_resource is lowered proportionally.
effective_request_min_resource_grant_percent decimal(5,2) The effective runtime value for request_min_resource_grant_percent of the workload group. The effective value considering the service level and how the workload group is configured. If min_percentage_resource is adjusted because of the service level, effective_request_min_resource_grant_percent will be adjusted accordingly.
effective_request_max_resource_grant_percent decimal(5,2) The effective runtime value for request_max_resource_grant_percent of the workload group considering the configuration of the all workload groups.

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