snapshots.fn_trace_getdata (Transact-SQL)

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This function returns all the events captured for the specified trace.

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snapshots.fn_trace_gettable ( trace_info_id, start_time, end_time )  


The unique identifier for the primary key in the snapshots.trace_info table in the management data warehouse database. trace_info_id is int.

The time that the trace started. start_time is datetime.

The time that the trace ended. end_time is datetime.

Table Returned

Column name Data type Description
<All trace columns> <Varies> The trace data from the snapshots.trace_data table in the management data warehouse database.

A list of the columns for the specified trace can be obtained by using the following query:

SELECT * FROM sys.trace_columns

Note: The columns that are returned by the snapshots.fn_trace_gettable function correspond to the values in the name column in the sys.trace_columns system view. The only difference is that the GroupID column is not returned by the function.


Requires SELECT permission for mdw_reader.

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