sp_browsemergesnapshotfolder (Transact-SQL)

APPLIES TO: YesSQL Server NoAzure SQL Database NoAzure Synapse Analytics (SQL DW) NoParallel Data Warehouse

Returns the complete path for the latest snapshot generated for a merge publication. This stored procedure is executed at the Publisher on the publication database.

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sp_browsemergesnapshotfolder [@publication= ] 'publication'  


[ @publication = ] 'publication' Is the name of the publication. publication is sysname, with no default.

Return Code Values

0 (success) or 1 (failure)

Result Sets

Column name Data type Description
snapshot_folder nvarchar(2000) Full path to the snapshot directory.


sp_browsemergesnapshotfolder is used in merge replication.

If the publication is set up to generate snapshot files in both the Publisher working directory and Publisher snapshot folder, the result set contains two rows: the first row contains the publication snapshot folder, and the second row contains the publisher working directory.

sp_browsemergesnapshotfolder is useful for determining the directory where the merge snapshot files are generated. This folder/path and its contents can then be copied to removable media, and the snapshot used to synchronize a subscription from an alternate snapshot location.


Only members of the sysadmin fixed server role or db_owner fixed database role can execute sp_browsemergesnapshotfolder.

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