sp_change_log_shipping_secondary_database (Transact-SQL)

APPLIES TO: yesSQL Server noAzure SQL Database noAzure SQL Data Warehouse noParallel Data Warehouse

Changes secondary database settings.

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[ @secondary_database = ] 'secondary_database',  
[, [ @restore_delay = ] 'restore_delay']  
[, [ @restore_all = ] 'restore_all']  
[, [ @restore_mode = ] 'restore_mode']  
[, [ @disconnect_users = ] 'disconnect_users']  
[, [ @block_size = ] 'block_size']  
[, [ @buffer_count = ] 'buffer_count']  
[, [ @max_transfer_size = ] 'max_transfer_size']  
[, [ @restore_threshold = ] 'restore_threshold']   
[, [ @threshold_alert = ] 'threshold_alert']   
[, [ @threshold_alert_enabled = ] 'threshold_alert_enabled']   
[, [ @history_retention_period = ] 'history_retention_period']  


[ @restore_delay = ] 'restore_delay' The amount of time, in minutes, that the secondary server waits before restoring a given backup file. restore_delay is int and cannot be NULL. The default value is 0.

[ @restore_all = ] 'restore_all' If set to 1, the secondary server restores all available transaction log backups when the restore job runs. Otherwise, it stops after one file has been restored. restore_all is bit and cannot be NULL.

[ @restore_mode = ] 'restore_mode' The restore mode for the secondary database.

0 = restore log with NORECOVERY.

1 = restore log with STANDBY.

restore is bit and cannot be NULL.

[ @disconnect_users = ] 'disconnect_users' If set to 1, users is disconnected from the secondary database when a restore operation is performed. Default = 0. disconnect_users is bit and cannot be NULL.

[ @block_size = ] 'block_size' The size, in bytes, that is used as the block size for the backup device. block_size is int with a default value of -1.

[ @buffer_count = ] 'buffer_count' The total number of buffers used by the backup or restore operation. buffer_count is int with a default value of -1.

[ @max_transfer_size = ] 'max_transfer_size' The size, in bytes, of the maximum input or output request which is issued by SQL Server to the backup device. max_transfersize is int and can be NULL.

[ @restore_threshold = ] 'restore_threshold' The number of minutes allowed to elapse between restore operations before an alert is generated. restore_threshold is int and cannot be NULL.

[ @threshold_alert = ] 'threshold_alert' Is the alert to be raised when the restore threshold is exceeded. threshold_alert is int, with a default of 14420.

[ @threshold_alert_enabled = ] 'threshold_alert_enabled' Specifies whether an alert will be raised when restore_thresholdis exceeded. 1 = enabled; 0 = disabled. threshold_alert_enabled is bit and cannot be NULL.

[ @history_retention_period = ] 'history_retention_period' Is the length of time in minutes in which the history will be retained. history_retention_period is int. A value of 1440 will be used if none is specified.

Return Code Values

0 (success) or 1 (failure)

Result Sets



sp_change_log_shipping_secondary_database must be run from the master database on the secondary server. This stored procedure does the following:

  1. Changes the settings in the log_shipping_secondary_database records as necessary.

  2. Changes the local monitor record in log_shipping_monitor_secondary on the secondary server using supplied arguments, if necessary.

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Only members of the sysadmin fixed server role can run this procedure.


This example illustrates using sp_change_log_shipping_secondary_database to update secondary database parameters for the database LogShipAdventureWorks.

EXEC master.dbo.sp_change_log_shipping_secondary_database   
 @secondary_database =  'LogShipAdventureWorks'  
,  @restore_delay = 0  
,  @restore_all = 1  
,  @restore_mode = 0  
,  @disconnect_users = 0  
,  @threshold_alert = 14420  
,  @threshold_alert_enabled = 1  
,  @history_retention_period = 14420;  

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