sp_changedistpublisher (Transact-SQL)

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Changes the properties of the distribution Publisher. This stored procedure is executed at the Distributor on any database.

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sp_changedistpublisher [ @publisher = ] 'publisher'  
    [ , [ @property = ] 'property' ]  
    [ , [ @value = ] 'value' ]  


[ @publisher= ] 'publisher'
Is the Publisher name. publisher is sysname, with no default.

[ @property= ] 'property'
Is a property to change for the given Publisher. property is sysname and can be one of these values.

[ @value= ] 'value'
Is the value for the given property. value is nvarchar(255), with a default of NULL.

This table describes the properties of Publishers and the values for those properties.

Property Values Description
active true Activates the Publisher.
false Deactivates the publisher
distribution_db Name of the distribution database.
login Login name.
password Strong password for the supplied login.
security_mode 1 Use Windows Authentication when connecting to the Publisher. This cannot be changed for a non- Microsoft SQL Server publisher.
0 Use SQL Server Authentication when connecting to the Publisher. This cannot be changed for a non- SQL Server publisher.
working_directory Working directory used to store data and schema files for the publication.
NULL (default) All available property options are printed.

Return Code Values

0 (success) or 1 (failure)


sp_changedistpublisher is used in all types of replication.


Only members of the sysadmin fixed server role can execute sp_changedistpublisher.

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