sp_help_downloadlist (Transact-SQL)

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Lists all rows in the sysdownloadlist system table for the supplied job, or all rows if no job is specified.

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sp_help_downloadlist { [ @job_id = ] job_id | [ @job_name = ] 'job_name' }   
     [ , [ @operation = ] 'operation' ]   
     [ , [ @object_type = ] 'object_type' ]   
     [ , [ @object_name = ] 'object_name' ]   
     [ , [ @target_server = ] 'target_server' ]   
     [ , [ @has_error = ] has_error ]   
     [ , [ @status = ] status ]   
     [ , [ @date_posted = ] date_posted ]  


[ @job_id= ] job_id
The job identification number for which to return information. job_id is uniqueidentifier, with a default of NULL.

[ @job_name= ] 'job_name'
The name of the job. job_name is sysname, with a default of NULL.


Either job_id or job_name must be specified, but both cannot be specified.

[ @operation= ] 'operation'
The valid operation for the specified job. operation is varchar(64), with a default of NULL, and can be one of these values.

Value Description
DEFECT Server operation that requests the target server to defect from the Master SQLServerAgent service.
DELETE Job operation that removes an entire job.
INSERT Job operation that inserts an entire job or refreshes an existing job. This operation includes all job steps and schedules, if applicable.
RE-ENLIST Server operation that causes the target server to resend its enlistment information, including the polling interval and time zone to the multiserver domain. The target server also redownloads the MSXOperator details.
SET-POLL Server operation that sets the interval, in seconds, for target servers to poll the multiserver domain. If specified, value is interpreted as the required interval value, and can be a value from 10 to 28,800.
START Job operation that requests the start of job execution.
STOP Job operation that requests the stop of job execution.
SYNC-TIME Server operation that causes the target server to synchronize its system clock with the multiserver domain. Because this is a costly operation, perform this operation on a limited, infrequent basis.
UPDATE Job operation that updates only the sysjobs information for a job, not the job steps or schedules. Is automatically called by sp_update_job.

[ @object_type= ] 'object_type'
The type of object for the specified job. object_type is varchar(64), with a default of NULL. object_type can be either JOB or SERVER. For more information about valid object_typevalues, see sp_add_category (Transact-SQL).

[ @object_name= ] 'object_name'
The name of the object. object_name is sysname, with a default of NULL. If object_type is JOB, object_nameis the job name. If object_typeis SERVER, object_nameis the server name.

[ @target_server= ] 'target_server'
The name of the target server. target_server is nvarchar(128), with a default of NULL.

[ @has_error= ] has_error
Is whether the job should acknowledge errors. has_error is tinyint, with a default of NULL, which indicates no errors should be acknowledged. 1 indicates that all errors should be acknowledged.

[ @status= ] status
The status for the job. status is tinyint, with a default value of NULL.

[ @date_posted= ] date_posted
The date and time for which all entries made on or after the specified date and time should be included in the result set. date_posted is datetime, with a default of NULL.

Return Code Values

0 (success) or 1 (failure)

Result Sets

Column name Data type Description
instance_id int Unique integer identification number of the instruction.
source_server nvarchar(30) Computer name of the server the instruction came from. In Microsoft SQL Server version 7.0, this is always the computer name of the master (MSX) server.
operation_code nvarchar(4000) Operation code for the instruction.
object_name sysname Object affected by the instruction.
object_id uniqueidentifier Identification number of the object affected by the instruction (job_id for a job object, or 0x00 for a server object) or a data value specific to the operation_code.
target_server nvarchar(30) Target server that this instruction is to be downloaded by.
error_message nvarchar(1024) Error message (if any) from the target server if it encountered a problem while processing this instruction.

Note: Any error message blocks all further downloads by the target server.
date_posted datetime Date the instruction was posted to the table.
date_downloaded datetime Date the instruction was downloaded by the target server.
status tinyint Status of the job:

0 = Not yet downloaded

1 = Successfully downloaded.


Permissions to execute this procedure default to members of the sysadmin fixed server role.


The following example lists rows in the sysdownloadlist for the NightlyBackups job.

USE msdb ;  

EXEC dbo.sp_help_downloadlist  
    @job_name = N'NightlyBackups',  
    @operation = N'UPDATE',   
    @object_type = N'JOB',   
    @object_name = N'NightlyBackups',  
    @target_server = N'SEATTLE2',   
    @has_error = 1,   
    @status = NULL,   
    @date_posted = NULL ;  

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