sysarticleupdates (Transact-SQL)

Applies to: yesSQL Server (all supported versions)

Contains one row for each article that supports immediate-updating subscriptions. This table is stored in the replicated database.

Column name Data type Description
artid int The identity column providing a unique ID number for the article.
pubid int The ID of the publication to which the article belongs.
sync_ins_proc int The ID of the stored procedure handling Insert Sync Transactions.
sync_upd_proc int The ID of the stored procedure handling Update Sync Transactions.
sync_del_proc int The ID of the stored procedure handling Delete Sync Transactions.
autogen bit Indicates that stored procedures are automatically generated:

0 = False, not automatic.

1 = True, automatic.
sync_upd_trig int The ID of the automatic versioning trigger on the article table.
conflict_tableid int The ID for the conflict table.
ins_conflict_proc int The ID of the procedure used to write the conflict to the conflict_table.
identity_support bit Specifies whether automatic identity range handling is enabled when queued updating is used. 0 means that there is no identity range support.

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