Release Notes for Report Viewer controls for WebForms and WinForms of SSRS

These are the release notes for the Report Viewer controls of WebForms and WinForms, related to SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS).

For the release notes for SSRS, see Release notes for SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) 2017 and later.


Change description Details
Bug Fixes Fixed an issue with links not looking visited after being clicked.
Fixed a datetime parsing issue affecting certain locales.


Change description Details
Bug Fixes Fixed an issue with tab ordering of the toolbar in WebForms.
Improved HTML rendering accessibility for tables.


Change description Details
Bug Fixes Fixed an issue where the viewer control would not load in design mode.


Change description Details
Bug Fixes Reverted a change that removed the Microsoft.ReportViewer.Design assemblies from the project references.
As part of other changes, two assemblies were changed from 15.0 version to 15.3. This has been reverted.


Change description Details
Bug fixes Proper print preview for High DPI monitor
Print dialog would show outside of visible space
Large number of parameters resulted in parameter scroll bars and drop-down lists not working correctly
Fixed issue with Null and date time parameters
Updated JQuery to version 3.3.1
Fixed overlapping with tablix cells in HTML rendering
Removed the design time project references to eliminate erroneous VS assemblies being added to the projects
Accessibility fix for tool bar to narrate only for active items


Change description Details
Fix for a bug preventing reports without parameters to be loaded through Server.LoadReportDefinition.  
The WebForms Report Viewer Control. Supports embedding in RTL pages (pages that change the text flow using the direction: rtl; css property).

Supports customizing print dialog text via the IReportViewerMessages5 localization interface.

Improved accessibility support.

•     NuGet package for the Report Viewer control of WebForms
The WinForms Report Viewer Control. Fix for printing when an app is running in a High DPI mode.

•     NuGet package for the Report Viewer control of WinForms

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