Create Drillthrough (RDLC) Report with Parameters - ReportViewer

A drillthrough report is a report that a user opens by clicking a link within another report. Drillthrough reports commonly contain details about an item that is contained in an original summary report. This tutorial will walk you through the following lessons of creating a drillthrough report with parameters and a query, in local mode reporting.


To use this walkthrough, you must have access to the AdventureWorks2014 sample database. For more information about how to get the AdventureWorks2014 sample database, see AdventureWorks sample databases.

This walkthrough assumes that you are familiar with Transaction-SQL queries and ADO.NET DataSet and DataTable objects.

Use Visual Studio 2015, and the ASP.NET Web Application, to create an ASP.NET webpage with a ReportViewer control. The control is configured to view a report that you create. For this walkthrough, you create the application in Microsoft Visual C#.


Lesson 1: Create a New Web Site
Lesson 2: Define a Data Connection and Data Table for Parent Report
Lesson 3: Design the Parent Report using the Report Wizard
Lesson 4: Define a Data Connection and Data Table for Child Report
Lesson 5: Design the Child Report using the Report Wizard
Lesson 6: Add a ReportViewer Control to the Application
Lesson 7: Add Drillthrough Action on Parent Report
Lesson 8: Create a Data Filter
Lesson 9: Build and Run the Application

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