Native to SharePoint Migration (SSRS)

APPLIES TO: yesSQL Server Reporting Services (2016) noPower BI Report Server yesSharePoint

You cannot upgrade or convert from one Reporting Services server mode to another. For example, you cannot upgrade or convert a Native mode report server to SharePoint mode. You cannot copy the report server databases between modes because they use different database schemas. You can migrate the content from one report server to another. The tools you use depend on the type of report server mode that is configured for the source and destination servers.

Reporting Services Migration tool

The tool supports content migration from a native mode Deployment to a SharePoint mode deployment. The tool does not support migration from SharePoint mode to SharePoint mode or from SharePoint mode to Native mode.

For more information, see Reporting Services Migration Tool (

Use Script to migrate content

If the migration tool does not meet your needs, you can manually migrate the report server data. The following is a summary of the steps to complete to migrate report items from a one Reporting Services deployment ot another. The approach supports either Native or SharePoint mode as the source or destination servers.

  1. Backup and restore encryption keys. This is the key that is used to encrypt data. The encryption key is also used to encrypt passwords such as the passwords stored for data source connections. However, passwords cannot be migrated and you will need to enter them again in the destination environment.

  2. Reporting Services RSS scripts: Write a Visual Basic script that calls Report Server Web service SOAP methods to copy data between databases. Use the RS.exe utility to run the script. Rs.exe is installed with Reporting Services.

The following table summarizes the Reporting Services objects you can migrate with scripts:

Object Can be Scripted Comments
Reports Yes Following migration, to re-enter passwords for datasources.
Datasources Yes Following migration, Re-link reports to datasources.
Models Yes
Datasets Yes
Report Parts Following migration, verify or update the path to the report parts.
Schedules Yes See the ListSchedules method Subscription and Delivery Methods
Subscriptions yes See the List Subscriptions method Subscription and Delivery Methods and the ChangeSubscriptionOwner method.

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