MHTML Device Information Settings

The following table lists the device information settings for rendering reports in Web archive (MHTML) format.

Setting Value
JavaScript Indicates whether JavaScript is supported in the rendered report.
OutlookCompat Indicates whether to render with extra metadata that makes the report look better in Outlook. The default value is true.
MHTML Fragment Indicates whether an MHTML fragment is created in place of a full MHTML document. An MHTML fragment includes the report content in a TABLE element and omits the HTML and BODY elements. The default value is false.
DataVisualizationFitSizing Indicates data visualization fit behavior when inside a tablix. This includes chart, gauge, and map.

The possible values are Approximate and Exact.

The default value is Approximate. If the setting is removed from the rsreportserver.config file then the default behavior is Exact.

Enabling Exact may have performance impact because the processing to determine the exact size may take longer.

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