Add parameters to a mobile report | Reporting Services

You can create a Reporting Services mobile report with parameters, so you and your report readers can filter your reports. A report with parameters can also be the target of a drillthrough from a source report.

To create a mobile report with parameters, you start with a shared dataset with at least one parameter. Read about creating parameters in a shared dataset. Mobile reports don't support null value(s) for default parameters, so make sure your parameters have default values other than null.

After you add parameters to a mobile report, you create a URL to open the report with query string parameters.

  1. In the top bar of the Reporting Services web portal, select New > Mobile Report.


  2. Select the Data tab in the upper-left corner of SQL Server Mobile Report Publisher.

  3. In the upper-right corner, select Add Data.

  4. Select Report Server, then select a server.

  5. Navigate to the shared datasets on the server and select one that has parameters.

    In the grid, you see the data in the dataset. The green circle with brackets { } marks a dataset with a parameter.


  6. Select the cog on the tab, then select Param {}.


  7. Select the report element that will pass values to the parameter.


  8. Select Preview to see how the report will look. In this report, the selection list is using the Category parameter.


  9. When you select a value in the selection list, the report is filtered to that value, in this case, Accessories.


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