Create mobile reports with SQL Server Mobile Report Publisher

Learn about Reporting Services mobile reports, optimized for mobile devices and connected to on-premises data, with an assortment of data visualizations.


  This feature is deprecated for all releases of SQL Server Reporting Services after SQL Server Reporting Services 2019.     Do you need to migrate Datazen Server content such as dashboards and KPIs to a SQL Server Reporting Services server? Try the SQL Server Migration Assistant for Datazen.


With SQL Server Mobile Report Publisher, you can quickly create Reporting Services mobile reports, optimized for mobile devices and a variety of other form factors. Mobile reports feature an assortment of visualizations, from time, category, and comparison charts, to treemaps and custom maps.

  • Connect your mobile reports to a range of data sources, including on-premises SQL Server and Analysis Services data.
  • Lay out your mobile reports on a design surface with adjusting grid rows and columns, and flexible mobile report elements that scale well to any screen size.
  • Then save these mobile reports to a Reporting Services server, and view and interact with them in a browser or in the Power BI mobile app on iPads, iPhones, Android phones and tablets, and Windows devices.

Create Reporting Services mobile reports

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