My Settings for Power BI Integration (web portal)

APPLIES TO: yesSQL Server 2016 Reporting Services and later yesPower BI Report Server

The My Settings page in the Reporting Services web portal is used by individual users to manage their sign-in with Power BI. When you go through the steps to pin a report item, you will automatically be prompted to sign. However, you can use the My Settings page if you need to manually sign in or if you need to sign out. If the My Settings menu option is not visible, the report server has not been integrated with Power BI. For more information, see Power BI Report Server Integration (Configuration Manager).


Why Sign-in

When you sign in, you establish a relationship between your Reporting Services user account and your Power BI account. The sign-in creates a security token that is good for 90 days. If the token expires, and you have items pinned to Power BI, you will see a notification.


Tiles within Power BI dashboards will not refresh until you sign in again through MySettings.


Once you sign in, a new security token will be created. Your dashboard tiles will begin updating on their previously configured schedules.

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