Save a Report to a SharePoint Library (Report Builder)

To save a report to a report server configured for SharePoint integration, you must browse to the SharePoint server and establish a connection to the report server. In the report definition, all references to items related to the report must use values that are specific to a SharePoint report server. Related items include subreports, drillthrough reports, and resources such as Web-based images. For more information, see Specifying Paths to External Items (Report Builder and SSRS).

You must have Member or Owner permission on the SharePoint site to set the properties on the project.

To save a report to a SharePoint site

  1. From the Report Builder button, click Save. The Save As<Report Item> dialog box opens.


    If you are resaving a report, it is automatically resaved to its previous location. Use the Save As option to change location.

  2. Optionally, click Recent Sites and Servers to show a list of recently used report servers and SharePoint sites.

  3. Browse to the SharePoint site, and then click Save.


    If you leave a changed report for more than 10 hours without saving it, it is disconnected from the server without being saved. If that happens, in the lower-right status bar, click Disconnect, and then click Connect. The most recent server will be in the list of available servers. Select it and the report will reconnect.

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