Add or Remove Margins from a Chart (Report Builder and SSRS)

For Column and Scatter chart types in Reporting Services paginated reports, the chart automatically adds side margins on the ends of the x-axis. In Bar chart types, the chart automatically adds side margins on the ends of the y-axis. In all other chart types, the chart does not add side margins. You cannot change the size of the margin.

This topic does not apply to pie, doughnut, funnel, or pyramid chart types.


You can create and modify paginated report definition (.rdl) files in Report Builder and in Report Designer in SQL Server Data Tools. Each authoring environment provides different ways to create, open, and save reports and related items.

To enable or disable side margins

  1. Right-click the axis and select Axis Properties. The Vertical or HorizontalAxis Properties dialog box appears.

  2. On the Axis Options page, set the Side margins property:

    • Auto The chart will determine whether to add a side margin based on the chart type.

    • Disabled Bar, column, and scatter charts will have no side margins.

  3. Click OK.

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