Model Methods - Report Server Web Service

You can use these methods to manage models.

Method Action
GenerateModel Generates a default model on top of a shared data source.
GetModelItemPermissions Retrieves the user permissions that are associated with the model item.
GetModelItemPolicies Retrieves the policies that are associated with a model item.
GetUserModel Returns the semantic piece of a model for the current user.
InheritModelItemParentSecurity Deletes the policies that are associated with a model item and causes the model item to inherit the policies from its parent.
ListModelDrillthroughReports Lists drillthrough reports that are associated with an entity in a model.
ListModelItemChildren Returns an array of model item child elements.
ListModelItemTypes Returns a list of supported model item types.
ListModelPerspectives Lists models and perspectives that are available to the user.
RegenerateModel Updates an existing model based on changes to the data source schema.
RemoveAllModelItemPolicies Deletes all policies that are associated with model items in the specified model.
SetModelDrillthroughReports Associates a set of drillthrough reports together with a model.
SetModelItemPolicies Sets security policies on a model item.

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