Scheduling Methods

You can use these methods to create and manage shared schedules for report execution and delivery, and to cache refresh plans utilized by the report server.

Method Action
CreateCacheRefreshPlan Creates a cache refresh plan for an item.
CreateSchedule Creates a new shared schedule.
DeleteCacheRefreshPlan Deletes a cache refresh plan.
DeleteSchedule Deletes a shared schedule based on a specific schedule ID.
GetCacheRefreshPlanProperties Returns the properties of the specified cache refresh plan.
GetScheduleProperties Returns the values of properties of a shared schedule.
ListCacheRefreshPlans Returns a list of the cache refresh plans associated with a catalog item.
ListScheduledItems Returns a list of items that are associated with a shared schedule.
ListSchedules Returns a list of all shared schedules at the report server or the SharePoint site.
ListScheduleStates Returns a list of supported schedule states.
PauseSchedule Pauses the execution of a given schedule.
ResumeSchedule Resumes a shared schedule that has been paused.
SetCacheRefreshPlanProperties Sets the properties of a cache refresh plan.
SetScheduleProperties Sets the value of properties of a shared schedule.

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