Reporting Services Properties

The report server defines a set of system properties that are global to the report server and a set of item properties that are associated with an individual item stored in the report server database. Properties defined by the report server cannot be deleted, and in some cases they are read-only. An application can extend system properties and item properties by adding additional user-defined properties to the system and item properties.

The following Web service methods retrieve and set SQL Server Reporting Services properties.

Method Action
GetProperties Returns the values of one or more properties on an item in the report server database.
GetSystemProperties Returns one or more system properties.
SetProperties Sets one or more properties of an item in the report server database.
SetSystemProperties Sets one or more system properties.

In This Section

Topic Description
Report Server Item Properties Describes the item-specific properties in Reporting Services.
Report Server System Properties Describes the system-specific properties in Reporting Services.

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