New System Role (Management Studio)

Use this page to create a system-level role definition. A system role definition specifies a set of system-level tasks that apply to a report server as whole.


Role definitions are used only on a report server that runs in native mode. If the report server is configured for SharePoint integration, this page is not available.


Type the name of the role definition. A role definition name must be unique within the report server namespace. A name must contain at least one alphanumeric character. It can also include spaces and some symbols. Do not use the following characters when specifying a name:

; ? : @ & = + , $ / * < >

" /

Provide a description that explains how to use the role and enumerates what the role supports.

Select the system-level tasks that can be performed through this role. You cannot create new tasks or modify the existing tasks that are supported by Reporting Services. You cannot choose item-level tasks for a system role definition.

Task Description
Shows a description of the task that enumerates the operations or permissions that the task supports.

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