Reporting Services Login Dialog Box (SSRS)

Use the Reporting Services Login dialog box to provide credentials to publish reports to the report server.

  • Note If this is the first time you have published a report to a report server since set you set the deployment property TargetServerURL for a project, verify that the server name includes server and not reports. For example, https://localhost/reportserver, and not https://localhost/reports. Specifying the reports directory on the local server instead of the reportserver directory indirectly causes this dialog box to open. For more information about setting TargetServerURL, see Set Deployment Properties (Reporting Services).


Displays the name of the report server. For example, https://localhost/reportserver. For report servers that use a different port than default port 80, include the port number. For example, https://localhost:81/reportserver.

User name
Type the user name to log in to the Web service.

Type the password to log in to the Web service.

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